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July 7 | CryptoFights MFT will be locked soon!

Excerpt from email newsletter:

“…We will be locking down the MFT tokens on July 12th so make sure you do all your trades by then as they will not be tradable after that date.”

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July 7 | Daily Contests leading up to the AMA

“Our next twitch AMA is coming right around the corner. Join @swolesome and Megaworld Studios as we talk Cats In Mechs and what we have coming soon.”

Check the original post here for contest details.

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July 7 | Meltelbrot Interview — Matchmaking heaven for gamers

Our Founder’s Badge and Skill Perks will all be ERC-1155 Enjin backed and allow players to reduce the difficulty of a challenge, increase the payout and even give them a second chance if using the First Aid. Each perk slot can only contain one unique item. We are currently exploring multiple Enjin multiverse partnerships.

Read the full article on egamers.

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July 7 | Big update from Cryptonom

“We have now added the Cryptonom NOMnibus (Version 1) to our homepage!
This will be a public document that we will continue to update as we progress through the development cycle.”

More updates in the full post.

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July 4 | New article by The Ledger

Enjin provides a modular platform that allows anyone to explore the blockchain frontier. Using Enjin, blockchain can be integrated in a matter of hours without even writing a single line of code.”

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July 4 | Introducing the Dragon Riders of Kriptomat 🐲

Kriptomat is preparing to launch a ground-breaking, Enjin-powered blockchain-based rewards program, and they're providing a first look at some of the details!

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July 4 | Introducing Cube Spawn Maker

“As part of the Enjin Platform Early Adopter program, Cube Spawn Maker will take these existing sharing features to the next level, by allowing users to tokenise their puzzle solutions, as well as their own puzzles, on the Ethereum Blockchain and mint these tokens to others players. Users will be able to make money by playing Cube Spawn Maker and it will be free to play, free to download.”

Read the article here. Learn more about Makerverse here.

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July 3 | Ask your questions to Witek

Uptrend i hosting an interview with Witek to a network of over one million crypto investors on Facebook — ask your questions in this tweet!

We also had a question of our own.

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July 3 | Legendary Gecko Skin coming to space!

“Tomorrow July 4th at 10 AM CST - 4 PM GMT they will be giving away a total of 20 Gecko Multiverse tokens to buyers of Loot Box Crates on our market site.”

Check out the skin on Twitter.

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July 3 | New article on passive income opportunities

“Being powered by Enjin has opened up new possibilities for monetisation strategies that benefit both game designers and players. So let’s take a deeper look into how playing Nestables could earn you $$.”

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July 3 | New space flight teaser

“We are excited to announce that development has begun on space combat! Development on FPS combat is nearing completion for our public Alpha, which is coming very soon!”

Enjoy the short video on Twitter.

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July 2 | GG Specials: Age of Rust – Welcome to 4424

“Age of Rust takes place in the year 4424 where technology has turned against humans and the world we lived in has perished. Players begin their journey on a colony ship to explore new planets in order to create a new life for themselves.”

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“Decentralizing the art world using blockchain means artists and customers can connect and make transactions without the requirement of a middleman (such as payment providers or an art dealer). Smart contracts are created on the blockchain to prove authenticity and information is shared to everyone on the network, reaching consensus within the system and allowing peer-to-peer transactions.

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July 2 | Blog 13: Back to the Drawing Board

“The system was becoming quite complex and a bit of a hassle to manage as it was. Trying to teach players how to use this system would be a nightmare and don’t get me started on trying to figure out how the UI and feedback would work with it all! Moreover, I also think that A Turret’s Life should be a faster paced game, and this current crafting system would really take too long and disturb the flow.”

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July 2 | New marketplace coming soon

The market site was just launched and soon you'll be able to signup as a vendor and sell your items in a store on the market…

…We’ve created the market from the ground up for that purpose and are hosting it on Amazon Web Services with Load Balancing, Spot instances and Elastic Beanstalk for Autoscaling. We think it will help promote the adoption of the ERC-1155 standard.”

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