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JUNE 17 | SERVER MAINTENANCE Taking Longer Than Expected due to gas price increase.

“You shouldn't need to manually update, just launching the game using the launcher will patch it. But the patch isn't available yet while I finish maintenance.”

Edit: Patch 26 is now live!

June 16 | First OFT holder found!

Will from Cryptonom becomes the first person to collect all 6 VFTs to get the grand prize: the OVT!

Join the discussion here.

June 15 | Water Orb Ball coming to ReBounce!

This ball is able to be caught at any time and does not have to hit the wall first! Not liking your throw? Now you can fix it!

Check the tweet here.

June 15 | New armor sets have hit the store

The new Knight and Crusader sets have a supply of just 400 and cost between 177-199 CAD.

Check the tweet here.

June 15 | Dyverse changes token standard from 721 to 1155

Hello everyone! We are very excited to announce that we will be taking requests to mint the inaugural batch of ERC 1155 Kydys converted from ERC 721 Kydys!

Check the full post here.

June 14 | Kickstarter campaign moved to

The Space Misfits Kickstarter campaign was removed, but the pledges are available again through the link above.

See Sam’s message here:

June 14 | Pets! Who doesn’t love pets?!

Dungeoneering can be scary at times. Grab a cute Hot Pink Chicken or a quacky Mustard Duck to accompany you on your journeys into the deep!

See all new pets here.


We ran into some issues with PayPal during the sale, and now with the card payments due to our website.

Check the full post here.

June 13 | 20 BTC and 500k ENJ in blockchain items hidden in Age of Rust

Keep an eye out for the Age of Rust launch — things are heating up!

June 12 | Kingdom Karnage Referral campaign and giveaway

Register and login to get your referral link, then share your link with friends via social media. Each time a friend follows your link, registers, and links an Enjin Wallet, you both get a card.
Here’s ours:

June 11 | New FPS space game joins the Enjin family.

Check out the newest teaser from the space MMORPG Dissolution!

June 10 | Blog 10: Crafting Data Serialization

Here's the tenth blog from A Turret’s Life, talking about data serialization for the player turrets plus more personal challenges!

June 10 | Cryptonom submits integration video to Enjin.

This video shows Cryptonom’s current Enjin integration (Kovan test network) progress along with a bit of adventuring and battle gameplay!


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