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June 2 | Blog 13: Back to the Drawing Board

“The system was becoming quite complex and a bit of a hassle to manage as it was. Trying to teach players how to use this system would be a nightmare and don’t get me started on trying to figure out how the UI and feedback would work with it all! Moreover, I also think that A Turret’s Life should be a faster paced game, and this current crafting system would really take too long and disturb the flow.”

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June 25 | Blog 12: Crafting Room Nearly Done!

“The end for this section is within sight! If all goes well, I think that I should wrap this up by the end of this week (knock on hardwood). Afterwards, I will start work on the “Mission Select” room. Here, players will take the different turret components they just made in the crafting section and assemble the turret for the specific level.”

Read the full blog post here.

June 18 | Blog 11: Flood Fill Algorithm

When placing the modules, it is required that they are all ultimately connected to each other (it might look a little strange to have floating modules). But this creates a technical question: how does the computer know what it means for them all to be connected?…

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Here's the tenth blog from A Turret’s Life, talking about data serialization for the player turrets plus more personal challenges!

About A Turret’s Life

You are the tower in the tower defense!

A Turret’s Life is a single-player first person tower defense game for PC and VR where the player takes control of an automated sentry turret to defend the facility against endless waves of attacking robots. 

 The player gains resources which they use to customize their turret and even concoct crazy bullet designs of their wildest dreams; better yet, all of the game items are backed by cryptocurrency meaning players can trade or sell these items for actual value.

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