About Multiverse 101

Not affiliated with enjincoin.com. Just a fan site.

We want to draw people in from all over the gaming sphere and show them what Enjin Coin can do! 💪

Multiverse 101 and the Multiverse Army were created to help guide curious gamers, collectors, and investors through the loops and 3rd party traps that plague most blockchain-related projects.

We support all of the projects created on Enjin Coin’s platform and do our best to promote and collaborate with them for giveaways and contests.


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About Andy

Hi. 👋

I go by many names online — Andreas or Andy for official stuff and Geholo for most of my game characters. We might’ve crossed paths in Minecraft (before Microsoft-takeover), World of Warcraft, Age of Empires, online Total War battles, Insurgency, or pretty much any MMORPG from the last 13 years.

I’m fairly new to the blockchain space but have been researching it almost 24/7 since mid 2017.
The combination of blockchain and gaming is what I’m most excited about. I believe this combination will soon allow people to make a living by simply enjoying their passion: Owning bosses & collecting loot!

You can read some of my other stuff here https://medium.com/@andreashauser.