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Time spent playing video games can now be converted into cash.

Remember Ready Player One? Yeah… here’s the real-life version. 
Sit back, relax, and allow your mind to get blown for a moment.

alterverse multiverse enjin

The spaceship on the picture is from a game called Alterverse. This spaceship is one of only 2,000 in existence, and on March 11, 2019 one of them was sold on a player-to-player trading platform for $300.

This particular spaceship also functions as a game server which lets the owner create their own business or attraction within the game universe — a game within a game!

Imagine running your own virtual store inside of a game where every item can be traded for real money — inside or outside of the game.

That’s where we are right now. And yes, this game supports VR. 👓

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There are dragons, too.

war of crypto multiverse enjin

This little cutie from the Pokémon-esque War of Crypto is the most expensive item ever bought on the platform and netted the seller a whopping $7,126.

This is possible thanks to blockchain technology (the thing that makes the cryptocurrency “bitcoin” work) as well as the hard work from EnjinCoin.io to harness this technology, making it easier than ever for developers to attach a monetary value to digital items.

This is not done with bitcoin, however, but with their own currency called Enjin Coin, or “ENJ” for short.

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The economy

To make a comparison to a familiar game, let’s take a look at World of Warcraft’s economy. The auction house in WoW is, like in most other games, just an imitation of a real marketplace.

world of warcraft wow auction house

The gold coins only drop from in-game creatures and can only be exchanged for other in-game items or traded between players on the same server.

Well, the real-world version is a bit less pretty to look at, but it’s certainly several times more interesting!

Here, any in-game asset from any game built on Enjin can be sold, bought, or even traded for other items — just like on the WoW auction house… but with real money.

enjin coin trading platform

And by “real” I mean that you can literally purchase services and products outside of the game with the coins you loot from your enemies:

The plot thickens

To the right: one of the rarest and most sought after World of Warcraft swords in the past 13 years. It cannot be traded or sold in any way, shape or form and it is only usabale in World of Warcraft.
- Owned by Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. They can close your account and delete your items without your consent.

To the left: an Epochrome Sword sold on auction from one player to another for $11 on the the 24th of March, 2019. The owner will be able to use the this very sword in multiple games across what’s called the Multiverse. Yes, you read that right! The SAME game asset can be used in multiple games!
- Owned by YOU! You own your items, and neither the game nor Enjin can close your account or delete your items.

multiverse vs traditional

The Epochrome Sword will be usable in Age of Rust, 9Lives Arena, Forest Knight, Bitcoin HODLer, and Cats in Mechs + more which together form the Multiverse.

To this day, after 13 years, some dedicated WoW players are still trying to get their hands on Thunderfury with no luck.
Imagine what it would mean for gamers to acquire such a rare and powerful weapon as Thunderfury AND being able to actually sell it for cash.
It would probably have beat the $7,126 War of Crypto dragon tenfold.

Here’s how the Epochrome sword will look in Alterverse.

Each Multiverse game will implement its own artwork for the sword, but if you own it in one game you will own it in all the others as well.

Here’s a full list of the items that can be used across multiple games.

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alterverse epochrome sword

The potential

With Enjin Coin’s platform game developers can create provably scarce items like legendary weapons and armor, but it doesn’t just stop there.

Enjin’s Mintshop has been used to create everything from artwork and interviews to gift cards and membership certificates, often called Founder’s Tokens, that continually give the owner exclusive lootdrops directly to their wallet (setup guide at end of article).

multiverse items

From left to right: Trade.Enjin.com, Meltoid, iTunes gift card, Cryptofights.

Developers can then imbue these tokens with customized features like ENJ backing per item*, melt fee percentage, item categories, maximum supply, supply type, transfer fee, bound/transferable, and more.

ENJ backing, melt fees, and melting refer to the “ENJ value” as seen in the previous left and right pictures.👆

The ENJ value is the amount of ENJ tokens the owner will get should they choose to melt the item, thereby destroying it. For reference, 1 ENJ is worth $0.15 as of today.
(Don’t be a melter btw😫 #MeltIsMurder)

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