How This Independent Developer is Innovating Gaming with Blockchain

Rent out your dungeon key to other players, trade your early access privilege freely, or make your legendary character stronger by absorbing the power of your defeated opponent.

3 premium blockchain items from  Kingdom Karnage

3 premium blockchain items from Kingdom Karnage

Kepithor Studios, the developer behind Kingdom Karnage, is exploring new ways of empowering gamers through player-owned game items with blockchain.

3 Quick Blockchain Facts

  • Games that integrate blockchain can give players full control over in-game items such as weapons, armor, and hero units. Not even the game developer can remove the items you control.

  • Blockchain allows players to trade their items freely, even outside of the game. This allows for real-world economies with emerging marketplaces similar to Amazon or Ebay. 

  • Some blockchain items are usable in multiple games!
    Watch this 1 minute showcase video to see how:

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3 Innovative Features in Kingdom Karnage

Kingdom Karnage, or KK, is an upcoming free-to-play title that pitches players against each other or the computer in a Stick War kind of fashion. To help fund the project, Kepithor Studios have just launched their presale in which people can buy loot chests that contain random characters as well as one of the 3 main items in the game.

All of these items can be traded for cryptocurrency before the game is even released! Learn more about that in our guide: Trading Digital Items.

1. The “Early Access Token”

kingdom karnage early access token

The first of these 3 features is the “Early Access Token,” a blockchain asset that will allow the owner to dive into the first release version of the game before everyone else. The innovation here is that this token will transform into a powerful amulet once the early access period ends, making it a valuable item even long after early access is over. Only 5,000 of these tokens will exist, so consider yourself lucky if you manage to grab one.

2. The Catacombs Key

kingdom karnage catacombs key

The Catacombs Dungeon Key is also offered in a limited supply of just 5,000 and offers the owner the ability to rent out their Dungeon access to other players. Ever wanted to run your own real-life business in a game? Well, look no further!

Each day players can complete a cooperative dungeon run with “fantastic rewards” — but only those with the Catacombs Key can access it. Holding this key will allow you to charge money (cryptocurrency) from people who want to complete the daily quest but don’t have a key. I imagine that Nick, the creator of KK, has many plans to expand this concept beyond awesome!

3. The Wyden — There Can Be Only One!

kingdom karnage wyden

Wyden is a strong, legendary character with a total supply of 700. Yep, only 700 players will be able to use him in battle! This already makes him incredibly valuable (in fact I’ve seen him traded for upwards of $75-100! That’s more than people pay for a whole game).

But the most interesting thing about Wyden is that when players with a Wyden in their deck randomly match up against another Wyden, the loser will be defeated and its power is absorbed by the winner! Yes, this means that people will risk losing money by using their Wyden, but it’s not entirely bad; when your Wyden is defeated you’ll get a permanent health bonus which becomes stronger depending on what level your Wyden was when it was KIA.

So you’ll lose your Wyden but gain access to a buff that only 700 other players can get! Not a bad deal at all.

Speaking of good deals, why not give this game a shot? Head over to / (android version) to try it out today! Then, when you’re hooked, use our code KKANDY to get 20% off on your loot box.

If you happen to buy something before May 18, post your receipt here for a chance to win one of 4 KK chests!

See you in the battlefield!

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