We’ve been quiet for a while. Time to build!

If you’ve been following Mv101 for the past few months, you might have noticed that we haven’t been too active these past weeks. Well, that’s all about to change! 

We’ve taken some time off from the grind to get a better perspective on what Enjin’s community needs, and how to best deliver it. Figuring that out is of course an ongoing process but we believe that the recent website changes are a step in the right direction!

In this update we will go through:

  • Website changes

  • New technical team member

  • Mv101 Founder’s Token airdrops

  • Future projects

Website changes

We have many plans for Multiverse101.com which are simply not possible to implement via the drag ‘n drop platform we use. That is why we are now currently working with a web developer (more about him later) to build a new site from scratch with tons of features that you haven’t seen anywhere else in the Enjin ecosystem. The ETA on launching this is 3-4 months from today.

However, in the meantime we’ve completely redesigned the home page of the site. If you go to www.multiverse101.com you’ll be able to see all of the news from all of the Enjin games today, going back 7 days. All games also have their own profile page (11/30 games added so far) with a quick description, some footage, and a record of all news previously posted from that game, starting today!

Keeping this up to date will be a big task, but we feel it’s a necessity to provide you guys with this continuous feed of news.

If you’re reading this as a die-hard fan of one or more games and you want to help us find the information from their outlets, please get in touch!

A good friend, an ingenious developer, and our new CTO:

Nicolas Cloutier

Nicolas is a free-spirited entrepreneur and challenge-driven technology enthusiast addicted to creating and developing things that don’t exist.

 As an AI and blockchain developer with 20 years of consulting and hands-on experience in ecommerce as well, Nicolas has the knowledge needed to help take Multiverse101 to the next level.

We’re extremely fortunate to have him on board!

Mv101 Founder’s Token airdrops (or the lack thereoff)

Many of you have probably noticed that we haven’t had a single airdrop this month.

Without sounding too apologetic, it was never our intention to drop 9 items last month but it kinda just played out that way, so now all of a sudden it feels suspicious that nothing has been dropped for the past 15 days. In fact we set our goal at around 2 airdrops per month during 2018. And now that the buzz around Mv101 has faded, many of our partners don’t feel obliged to send airdrops, which is fair.

Let me explain…

One of the major benefits of sending airdrops to our token holders is that those partners get free promotion. The thing is that I made a mistake when designing the website; there was no reason to come back to the site every day to check for updates because, frankly, we can’t put out that much content.

But now that we’ve redesigned the home page into a news feed of all things happening in the Enjin community, you guys can check in to see what you missed from day to day. More traffic = more exposure for our partners = bigger likelihood of airdrops from those partners. Simple as that.

Future Projects

We’re working on a few different fronts, exploring new possibilities with the ERC-1155 standard, and making & reiterating plans as we go.
Building a new custom website from the ground up is one of them, although we won’t reveal any more details on that just yet.

In the Meltelbrot interview 2 weeks ago I also teased that “we’re working on something that hasn’t really been done before,” and Nicolas has been tasked with building the code for that. I can reveal that we already do have 3 game partnerships for this, but I’m reluctant to announce it before we’re 100% sure that it works. HOPEfully we can show you all what the heck we’re talking about in 1-2 months.

Thank you for reading!

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