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July 7 | Daily giveaways leading up to the AMA

“Our next twitch AMA is coming right around the corner. Join @swolesome and Megaworld Studios as we talk Cats In Mechs and what we have coming soon.”

Like & retweet this to enter.

June 29 | Cats In Mechs Item playable in Containment Corps!

Check out this turret in Containment Corps which is only available if you’ve got the Howling Howitzer from Cats In Mechs.

See the tweet.


New podcast with Swolesome, the community manager of Cats In Mechs.

There’s also a small retweet giveaway attached to it.

About Cats In Mechs

A dog is a man's best friend. A cat is a cat's best friend.

Cataria V is the native home of the Mau and the only planet where Catmint grows naturally. "Mint," as it is commonly called, is the single most valuable resource in the galaxy and the ruthless Dr. Priss VonTreat knows it.

Only you and your motley crew of Mech pilots can save the planet.

May Ceiling Cat Watch Over You...