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July 7 | Big update from Cryptonom

“We have now added the Cryptonom NOMnibus (Version 1) to our homepage!
This will be a public document that we will continue to update as we progress through the development cycle.”

More updates in the full post.

June 24 | Bonus for intro sale participants

“We feel that the people that purchased these original mints represented the true Founders that want to play the game and help us mold / shape it into something that will be fun for all. It's only fitting that we offer these perks to the OG Cryptonom supporters, first, as a sign of appreciation and gratitude for the early support!"

See the full list of bonuses here.


This video shows Cryptonom’s current Enjin integration (Kovan test network) progress along with a bit of adventuring and battle gameplay!

About Cryptonom

Search for Cryptonom, or NOMs for short, in varied environments, and build the team that fits your own playstyle!

Collect, level-up, evolve and cache your NOMs to build the very best team you can! Become a Champion in the Cryptonom universe today!

Along your journey there will be many obstacles and challenges but with focus and determination (and great Cryptonom by your side) your story, too, can be forged!

Cache ‘em all!