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June 27 | Fayzers Treasure Hunt With Cool Prizes

Go here to read the previous chapters of the story and check out Chapter 3 Part 2 for clues on the hunt!


“Born of this world and other worlds simultaneously, a tangible item emerged as a digital item, fully functioning in all worlds. Intricately connected in the seamless web of the Multiverse. With lore from the Smokie mission card and plans to release collectible artwork based on Smokie’s favourite past time, smoking. These sunglasses are the real deal.”

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About Fayzers

Multiverse-enabled Sunglasses!

Since 2015, Fayzers has done more than embark upon an old tradition: We’ve started a new one. Guided by inspired minds and uplifted hearts, we fused classic and modern designs to create a unique pair of aviator sunglasses currently available in two variations.

After their conceptualization and design in Houston, TX - a small batch of 500 pairs were created. Each pair comes with a serial number for authenticity and a feeling of originality that you won’t get from any other sunglasses. You’re special, and your sunglasses should express that.