Founder’s Token

A Founder’s Token (FT) is win-win for both the issuer and the holder; the issuer (us) get to fund our project, and the holders of the token get perpetual rewards. 🙌

FTs typically exist in the form of an ERC-1155 token minted in a low supply.

They can also be traded freely between anyone with an Enjin wallet.

The “Mv101 FT”

Our Founder’s Token is called the “Multiverse101 Founder’s Token,” or Mv101 FT for short, and will launch in May 2019 with a max supply of 101 tokens!

They will be auctioned in our Telegram group until sold out.
A few will be given away 🤩

The 50 first buyers will receive a free Winter Chest!
All buyers will also receive a Welcome to Enjin token.

Our long-term goal is to airdrop items every single week from our partners (see below).
Right now we can drop items at least once per month.
Track the airdrop history here.

It’s like a never-ending loot box of goodies!

Official Partners

Our partners make the magic happen!
As a Mv101 FT holder you can expect airdrops from:

With many more to come!

(Got a project you want to promote through our token? Contact Andy in our Telegram)

Monthly Airdrop Quest

To further reward our most dedicated members we’re introducing a monthly Mv101 quest!

The task is simple: Collect one of each airdropped item to get a reward at the end of the month. But there's a catch! Not every item will be airdropped to all holders — some will be rarer than others… ;)

Step 1: Download the Enjin Crypto Wallet.
Step 2: Acquire an Mv101 FT (must be in your wallet to get the reward).
Step 3: Collect 1 of each airdropped item during [month].
Step 4: Hold all items on the same address on the last day of the month.

Collectors can hold 2 of each item to get 2x the rewards, 3 of each item for 3x the rewards, etc.
There’s no limit to how many quest rewards you can get each month.

The quest resets every month and the rewards will vary from pure ENJ to rare collectibles.


The first 10 Mv101 FTs have already been reserved, and the remaining tokens will be auctioned.

Auctions will start at 101 ENJ.
For every Mv101 FT sold, the price will increase by 10% of the price difference from the 101 ENJ.


  • The first token starts at 101 ENJ at auction.

  • The auction ends at 201 ENJ.

  • The difference is 100 ENJ x 0.1 = 10 ENJ.

  • Starting bid of the next token will be 101 + 10 = 111 ENJ.

What Our Token Holders Get

  • Discount codes (webshops, games…)

  • Unique collectible business cards (artists, creators…)

  • Early access opportunities (games, platforms…)

  • Exclusive collectibles and content (news sites, games, platforms…)

  • Collectibles mini-games (e.g. “collect x, y, & z to unlock something”)

    We’re still growing the list of asset categories.
    If you have a cool idea,
    share it with us! 🙌 

What Our Partners Get

  • Every airdrop will be announced to all of our community members — not just the 101 token holders!

  • Your token will most likely be traded, creating an infinite source of marketing every time it is listed for sale somewhere, if branded correctly.

  • Assets like collectible mini-games and especially discount codes drive sales that would’ve otherwise never happened, and all asset types help drive traffic to your site.

  • You can choose to infuse your discount codes and other items with transfer fees of which 100% are paid to you directly.

    Remember, our main goal is to drive traffic to new and upcoming ecosystem projects. 💪

We are set on bringing the mainstream gamers into the crypto world.
The question is.. do you want to be a part of it?

Note: For bigger businsseses we’re launching ordinary membership tokens in the tens and hundred thousands as we get more members. They will roll out when the Efinity upgrade launches to allow for negligible transnaction fees. This means that you could airdrop say 100,000 promotional tokens to our future 100,000+ members at rates that beat any other advertisement prices.

What We Get

The Founder’s Token will be auctioned starting at minimum 101 ENJ until all are sold. It also has a transfer fee of 10.1 ENJ which will become our main source of income.

The more in-demand our Founder’s Token is, the more likely it is that we can turn our passion and hobby into a full-time lifestyle.🙌