Multiverse Quests

Some games have ongoing quests that can reward you with quite the coin should you be determined enough to complete them. However, not all quests are “true” Multiverse quests.
Some are only for one game, not multiple.

The Monolith


This is the main quest of the Multiverse. Not all pieces of the puzzle have been released as of April 2019, but whomever first finishes this quest gets The Monolith, backed by 1,155,777 Enjin Coins!
That’s $155,000 as of today. Read more.

9 Lives Arena Skull Hunt


Hint — Collect all 81 skulls for an enormous reward or settle for 9 specific skulls for a significant reward.
Read the original blog here to learn more and visit the Skull Hunters Telegram group to trade skulls.

Space Pirate


Explore the planet Kanbar in this prologue story to the upcoming 3D game Age of Rust. Find the clues and solve the puzzles that will lead you to the 4 BTC prize! Start your journey here.

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