Andreas ‘Andy’ Hauser

Founder, CEO

Andy is a passionate gamer and a dedicated cryptocurrency advocate. Since mid 2017 he’s been working with different blockchain startups.

Andy hopes to bring more gamers to Enjin Coin’s ecosystem of blockchain games and envisions a future where gamers can earn a living simply by ENJoying their favorite games.

The true ‘Ready Player One’ experience starts here!


Kyle Strong

HEad of Marketing

Kyle Strong is a digital marketing strategist, specializing in content creation and search engine optimization (SEO). Raised on classic Blizzard Entertainment (don’t even mention Activision Blizzard around him), Nintendo, and Xbox, Kyle is well versed in all forms of competitive and cooperative gaming and their online communities. Kyle views Enjin as a new frontier, making it possible to reclaim control of the game industry by disrupting massive corporations. He intends to leverage his marketing skills to help others discover the new possibilities and value created by true-item ownership across the Multiverse gaming ecosystem.


Ryan Wine

Partnerships & community

Ryan is a well known Enjin Community member.

In an effort to support the Enjin Multiverse Ryan co-founded the MvB,, and the ERC-1155 trade chat. These resources continue to help guide and promote the Enjin community every day.

Ryan sees a future where Enjin is the backbone of all games. A future where players can make a legitimate profit from gaming.


Sam Stebbins

Strategic Advisor

Sam is an online digital marketer and entrepeneur in the cryptocurrency space for 4 years. Retiring from the Navy in 2018 he created his gaming studio in 2019 and started developing Space Misfits, a 3D Open World Space MMO on the Enjin blockchain platform. He is passionate about bringing cryptocurrency to the masses!

Opportunities for clever minds!

We’re looking for a few key partners to join us on the adventure! 🚀
Since February we’ve managed to reach perhaps 1,000 of the 100,000 gamers we want to reach in 2019, and 1,000,000 gamers by the end of 2020.

To achieve these goals (and beyond) we’re gonna need some experts on our team.

We highly value ambition and a determined mindset. 💪

What we’re currently looking for

  • A video guy.
    You’ll be making Youtube guides and tutorials for upcoming games.
    Good to have: General graphic design skills.

  • A code guy.
    You’ll be minting ERC-1155 tokens, creating Ethereum smart contracts, and other miscellaneous tasks.
    Good to have: A natural curiosity for new tech to experiment with.

Contact @andreashauser in Telegram.