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The Top Benefits of Crypto Games.

It’s no secret that most benefits of crypto games revolve around wealth — for the player and for the developer. In this article we will focus on what it means for the player, as we truly believe that blockchain and cryptocurrency can bring about a new era in the name of self-employment and making a living while loving what you do.

When real money is introduced in games, the “pay-to-win” argument is usually the first thing to cross our minds.

Here’s a thought: The physical world is pay-to-win, so why shouldn’t digital worlds be?

On the other side, many of us play games because we want to escape the real world and not because we want a digital experience that reminds us of how much money we don’t have.

Both arguments are valid. Maybe you do actually just want to NOT think about money while you’re playing.

Or maybe — just maybe — you’re a poor kid in real life, but in your favorite game you can become a tycoon, build your own empire, and be somebody? Now, what if that feeling was real, and not just a feeling?

What if your wealth in that game could be extracted from the game directly to your bank account? That’s what we mean when we say “a new era in the name of self-employment and making a living while loving what you do.”

In the end it’s up to the individual games to implement or NOT implement pay-to-win mechanisms. Many developers have a “skins only” policy which is perfectly fine and doable with crypto as well.

Read this Forbes article for a general understanding of blockchain in games.

About Enjin Coin

Just like how Unity is a platform for developing games on, Enjin Coin is a platform that allows developers to take items from their games such as swords or armor and upload them to the blockchain.

Let’s take a look at what that actually means for the player!


1 — Crypto games offer a better investment opportunity for your time and money with true item ownership

Items that you own inside the game will be yours to keep, forever, even if you lose access to the game itself.

This is possible because blockchain, unlike regular traditional databases, is a decentralized database that isn’t attached to one specific company. Any company can use Etheruem (the blockchain used by Enjin) to store information about in-game items, ownership, transactions, and provenance — all without locking that information in to just a single game.

The result is an ecosystem where you can literally “pull out” items from the game you’re playing, take them with you on your phone, and sell them on or keep them as rare crypto collectibles.

Simply install the Enjin Crypto Wallet, link it to your game (if it supports it), and send your items back and forth as you please. Not even Enjin can delete or take items from your wallet back.

This video shows a real-life example:

2 — A single item can be used in multiple crypto games throughout Enjin’s gaming multiverse!

We have a whole page dedicated to this topic, but here are the basics:

Any game in Enjin’s ecosystem can implement any item into their game, give it different stats, a fresh coat of paint, and voila! One such item is the Stormwall shield which will look, feel, and play differently in several crypto games.

This means that as long as you have 1 copy of the shield in your Enjin wallet you’ll be able to use it in any game that chooses to integrate it. Take a look at this video to see for yourself:

3 — In-game economies empower traders to exchange and earn crypto assets

Every item that can be extracted from the game can also be sold, bought, and traded between players.

Just like bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH), Enjin has its own cryptocurrency (ENJ) which is used as the preferred denominator when players trade with each other. Right now most of these trades happen between trusted users in Telegram groups such as this one, but soon Enjin will release their own secure and trustless trading platform.

Trustless means that you don’t have to trust the person sitting in the other end of the line, because the platforms serves a middleman (just like any other exchange).

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4 — Crafting becomes a real-life job

Depending on how developers design their games, crafting systems can be entirely controlled and monetized by players. To give an example let’s take a look at 9 Lives Arena.

In 9LA, early supporters can buy blueprints which give you the ability to craft new weapons and armor. These blueprints require crafting materials which take some time to collect, but most importantly they are extremely exclusive. For instance the Heiner Sword blueprint is limited to 303 copies, i.e. only 303 players will ever be able to create that sword in the future. Another example is the Dread Lord Mask which is even rarer, sitting at just 52 copies.

So as you can imagine, sitting on one of these blueprints will be very profitable once the game releases on Steam when thousands of people all want to buy a sword or a mask that only you and 51 other players can craft.

9 Lives Arena were the first to implement this system, but more and more crypto games are catching on.

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5 — exchange Enjin Coin’s gaming cryptocurrency for real-life goods and services!

True inter-functionality between games, movies, artists, and retail industries become possible with Enjin’s crypto platform.

As shown in the video below, you could extract items from a game, sell them, and then buy gift cards to Amazon, Nike, Uber, and more with the cryptocurrency you just earned.

This is just one example of inter-functionality between the digital and physical worlds, but the possibilities are endless.

Imagine watching a new Thor movie where a scannable QR code is shown at the end of the film. Scanning the code gives you a limited-edition Thor’s Hammer that you can now use in any game that chooses to integrate it. This is not just theoretical — it’s actually possible to do RIGHT NOW if only movie producers knew about these possibilities.

In the near future we’ll begin seeing more and more interactions like these.

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6 — “Melting” a crypto game item allows you to claim the game item’s cryptocurrency backing


Every item can be infused with ENJ, the native cryptocurrency of Enjin’s Gaming Multiverse.

But you as the owner of an item can reverse this process by melting (destroying) the item and depositing the “melt value” directly into your Enjin Crypto Wallet.

Take this Nefarious Lord Mask from 9Lives Arena for example. IF for some reason the game doesn’t succeed and thus the market value of this item falls drastically, I’ll know that I can always get 124 ENJ back by melting the mask.

Not all items are backed by a lot of ENJ, though. It’s all up to the individual developers to decide the melt value of an item.

7 — Selective scarcity of item assets creates some of the most expensive and valuable online gaming items to date

As mentioned in point 4 certain items will have a maximum supply, i.e. no more than X number of items can ever exist in the game. This is what we call a provably scarce item — a concept that’s only possible because of blockchain. Some one-of-a-kind items have sold for upwards of $100,000 or more.

So, unlike traditional games where you might have a legendary sword which can be found and equipped by an endless number of players, some blockchain items will be limited to the point where you can’t acquire them in-game anymore. You’ll have to buy it from another player.

However, many games are only doing this with skins to avoid any pay-to-win concerns.

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8 — Blockchain gaming allows in-game crypto items to be traced on an open ledger

Any item can be tracked simply by following it on enjinx.io.

As you can see in this example, this specific sword belongs to “0xcE1708823Ba25d937A88BcA2ccc645aDe2E90297” at the time of writing.
This address will change if the owner trades the sword, and so on.

Clicking on transfers will show the entire list of previous owners, the first being Enjin themselves because this sword was created by them.

In the future we will also be able to see player names attached to (or instead of) these long strings of letters and numbers, but for now we’re stuck with the task of having to guess who’s who.

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