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June 26 | When beta?

“We went ahead and created over 150 unique moves (without counting different rarities per move). This was a huge task for our developers and was known to delay the beta upon decision, but we strongly feel this change is something that will make a drastic improvement to the game.”

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May 28 | War of Crypta Collaborates with a Minecraft Server

Over Memorial Day weekend, popular Minecraft server, PokéFind, rolled out an update releasing a brand new quest! This was not just some ordinary quest. This quest introduced PokéFind’s large community to War of Crypta!

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About War of Crypta

War of Crypta is a PvP web-based (and in the future, mobile) multiplayer game that features unique, evolvable and tradable heroes.

You will be able to collect, customize, and strengthen your very own unique heroes. You will strategize and select the Heroes in your team that best fit your battling needs, and put them to test against another player's Heroes. For that, War of Crypta features an enticing and dynamic battle system, based on players' stamina and the Heroes skills.